Biking to Become More Fit

Bicycling is a great way to become more fit, lose weight and save money by using your car less frequently. One hour of bicycling burns around 400 to 500 calories, helps build muscle and burns fat. However, to get oiling point the most benefit from bicycling, you have to get the right bicycle for the type of riding you intend to do. Here are the different types of bicycles for you to choose from.

If you intend to do most of your riding on city streets, you should consider a road bike. A road bike has a lightweight frame and skinny tires, which makes it ideal for racing since they allow you to go very fast. However, road bikes are not very comfortable to ride since the tires are not shock-absorbent, and the bike’s design provides for a hunched-forward riding position that may result in soreness for riders unused to it.

Those who want to use their bikes in rough, off-road terrain should get a mountain bike. Mountain bikes have sturdier frames and wider tires, and allow riders to ride in a higher position, making for a more comfortable ride and one that is better for people with lower back problems. On the other hand, mountain bikes are not as fast as road bikes, which will probably not be much of a consideration if you don’t intend to use it for racing.
Hybrid bikes combine the best features of both road bikes and mountain bikes. Hybrids have the thicker frames, wider tires and more comfortable riding positions of mountain bikes combined with the lighter rims and components of road bikes. They are the best choice for riders who intend to do most of their bicycling in an urban setting.

Finally, cruiser bikes the best choice for casual riders, since they have wide tires and seats, as well as upright handlebars. While they may not be the fastest ride, cruisers are undoubtedly the most comfortable.

If none of these bikes fits your needs, there are more specialized varieties such as recuments and tricycles which could work better for you if you have balance problems and allow you to make bicycling a regular part of your exercise routine.

One mistake some people make is going gung ho into biking without building up the “biking muscles” gradually. Even if you are gradual about things, tired muscles can be a normal consequence. If you find yourself sore after an excursion, a portable heat pad can be just the right thing. Wearing a knee support, if you find it helpful, is also a tip that may help.

You will discover that the energized feeling you experience will be well-worth the effort of exercise.

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